Events and Travel

FIX IT is the only FTC team in Victoria, Vancouver Island, or even British Colombia. Since we want to be part of FIRST®, with no local competition, we do a lot of travelling!
  • 2016/17 Season
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    2016.11.21: League 1 Competition (WA, U.S.A.)

    We travelled down to Arlington for the Washington State League 1 competition. There were 13 teams (including us) for this season’s inaugural event.

    We won all six matches and ended up with 77 ranking points, and we placed first overall! While Autonomous didn’t succeed for most of the matches, it did press both beacons once and performed well during tele-op.

    In the last five matches, we managed to claim all four beacons by the end of the match! Even in matches where the beacons were hotly contested by both red and blue, we managed to claim them all in the end (thanks to some very impressive driving by Helen and Ben).

    We had a lot of fun and would like to thank Team 9330—the Neobots, for hosting Knuth League again this year.

    2016.12.04: First FTC Scrimmage (BC, Canada)

    We helped run the first FTC Scrimmage ever held in British Columbia. Six brand-new B.C. teams were at the event. It was a lot of fun.

    Not all robots showed up finished, or programmed. We were able to help them get their robots working—and every robot competed that day! Most teams at the Scrimmage ran an autonomous program, many of them kicking the Cap Ball off. Two of the rookie teams had shooters.

    Overall, the matches scores were similar to what we had seen at League One in Washington State which was great to see. We were impressed by what the new teams had been able to accomplish, and noticed that no alliances had a ‘0’ score, unlike at other events.

    Much thanks to Science Venture and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Victoria for hosting the event!

    2016.12.10: Knuth League 2 (WA, U.S.A.)

    League 2 was our first chance at trying out the new robot! After League 1, we rebuilt Fermion to allow for future mechanisms. Fermion did well, so it’s nice to know that Fermion’s new chassis works!

    We didn’t manage a lot of driver practice before the competition, but Fermion’s Mecanum wheels made up for this; their maneuverability is amazing for pressing beacons (and that’s not to mention Ben’s impressive driving skills)! With the new chassis, however, autonomous doesn’t quite work as we want it to. Thankfully, we have lots of time to work on it before Interleague.

    We were able to win 3/5 matches today. Our record is now 8/10, but our ranking points are up from the last competition!

    2017.01.17: Tesla Interleague (WA, U.S.A.)

    We’re going to the Washington State Championships!

    We won the Connect Award and the 3rd place Inspire! By the end of the qualifying matches we had won 3 matches, tied 1 match, and lost 1 match. When added with our league scores, FIX IT was ranked 4th overall and was an Alliance Captain for the final elimination rounds!

    Although Fermion did a great job in tele-op today, we’ll need to work on autonomous. Fingers crossed for the State Championships!

    Congratulations to the Inspire Winner - 11104 Bearded Pineapples and the Captain of the Winning Alliance - 3805 Atomic Robotics!

    2017.02.13: Alberta Championships (AB, Canada)

    We’re going to Worlds!!!

    The team had a great time at the FTC Alberta Championships on Feb. 11/12 which were hosted at the Telus World of Science, Edmonton. Fermion performed very well, both in autonomous and tele-op!

    We managed to win all five of our qualification matches, so we became the first Alliance Captain. We selected Team 10015 SwatBots Red (for their amazing shooter) and Team 10544 Cyber Eagles (for their great cap ball lifter) for our alliance. It was a great alliance with all the robots working well together.

    During the awards ceremony, we were thrilled to be recognized as the Inspire Award winner from the Alberta Championships!

    2017.02.19: BC Championships (BC, Canada)

    This weekend, we attended the first FTC competition in BC in 6 years! The event went very well. We had 7 rookie teams and 5 experienced teams from all over the world. Every team showed up, with at least one robot, and managed to compete in most of their matches. Our team ranked 3rd with 8 qualifying points. We were chosen for an alliance with Auto Vortex, the team from Romania, and we became the Winning Alliance! The finals matches were tough, and were very close, decided by the autonomous period and particles scored.

    At the end of the day, when awards were given out, we received the Control Award, so now we can say we have the best FTC programming in Canada! We will be seeing Helios and SKID at the World Championships, in Houston at the end of April. We have a lot to do between now and then.

    Our thanks to UVic’s Engineering and Science Lab building for agreeing to host the competition.
  • 2015/16 Season
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    Our first event of the season was the Kick-Off in Seattle at the Microsoft Campus.
    World Robotics Conference in Beijing
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    FIX IT is delighted to announce that we have been invited by China FIRST to be FIRST ambassadors at the World Robotics Conference (WRC) in Beijing, China, November 22-24, 2015.
  • 2014/15 Season

    Washington State Championships

    It was fun to reconnect with the some of the teams we met last year.
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    In January 2015, we were one of 32 teams at the Washington State Championships. We were delighted to be part of the Winning Alliance and to receive the Connect Award at the Washington State Championship.

    FTC Canada Championships in Edmonton

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    Our next event, in February 2015, was the FTC Championships in Edmonton. After an exciting semi-final round where our partner had to sit out due to a technical problem, we were thrilled to be the Captain of the Winning Alliance and we had qualified for the FTC World Championships!

    FTC World Championships in St. Louis

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    In April 2015, our FTC 3491 went the the FTC World Championships in St. Louis. The tournament was held in Union Station. It was a bit crowded, but the competition was excellent.

    Asia-Pacific Tournament

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    In July, we went to the Asia-Pacific Open in Sydney Australia. It was a great opportunity to work with international teams.