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FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) is for students of high school age to create autonomous and remote controlled robots to play a game. In each match, four teams compete on the same playing field, with the teams forming alliances for the tournament matches.

Our team's name is 3491 FIX IT. We are part of the Victoria Robotics Club.* Until this year we were the only FTC team in Victoria, Vancouver Island—or even British Colombia. Since we’ve had no local competition until now, if we wanted to be part of FIRST®, we did (and still do) a lot of travelling!
*This year (2016–17) we are mentoring several new local teams, so this will change in the years to come

In the 2014/15 season, we:
  • were part of the Winning Alliance at the Washington State Championship
  • Captained the Winning Alliance at the Canadian Championship.
  • took part in the World Championships in St. Louis, MO.

In the 2015/16 season:
  • served as FIRST® ambassadors at the World Robotics Conference in Beijing, China, (Nov 2015);
  • won the Inspire Award at Washington State Championship (Jan 2016);
  • Captained the Winning Alliance at the Canadian Championships (Feb 2016); and
  • took part at the Super-Regionals in Oakland in March 2016, and at the World Championship in St. Louis in April.
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"Lily"—our robot for the 2015–16 season


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Dr. Peter G. Duncan, Orthodontist

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